The Dynamic QUICK NECK

May 09, 2014

It´s Flexible, Versatile and Comfortable! It will keep your drysuit operational at all times! No more costly or time consuming repairs! It is the most effective solution in the market when it comes to sealing the neck area of protective suits. It is called QUICK NECK and its developed to provide dynamic business values to manufacturers, distributors and retailers of protective drysuits and optimized operational values for the end-user. The QUICK NECK is designed to be attached on diving drysuits, amphibious drysuits, rescue suits, watersports garments and more.


The flexibility of the QUICK NECK is superior in comparasion to the Neck Tite which makes it more suited for drysuits made from thin fabrics. The benefits in comfort are obvious and the movement pattern of the user is not harmed. The QUICK NECK has been tested in a great number of environments and passed with a glance. Jump tests have been conducted from various heights up to 10 meters and stress tests have been carried out with 15,5 kg weights connected to the seal for 22 hours.