At the rudder

April 25, 2014

SI TECH AB is owned and managed by Jonas Axelsson, who bought the company from the diving pioneer and founder Stig Insulán in 2010. At that time, Jonas had worked for the company for seven years. Essentially with construction design and product development, but in the later part of his employment his focus was drawn towards management, marketing and sales.

In 2009 Jonas was elected to SI TECH’s board. With this new insight grew a vision of what he could do to develop the company and he soon became the vice president of SI TECH.

At an early age Jonas was already interested in construction and business.  By the age of ten, he had learned CAD drawing.  In his early teens he sold food and candy at local events and by the age of fifteen, he was assisting a local construction company, by producing building permit drawings.

In high school Jonas studied mechanical engineering and then continued these studies in university.  During his studies at university, he came into contact with SI TECH. His trade practice began under the supervision of Stig Insulán, who became his mentor and friend. Jonas quickly became deeply involved with the development of prototype tools, new products and business development in general.  Stig soon realized this was a talented and skilled young man, who could be a great asset to the company.

When Jonas Axelsson became owner and president of SI TECH he already had a clear vision on how to take SI TECH to the future. A process started to bring SI TECH back to its core business, the development and sale of drysuit components. A new board and marketing organisation was established and a new business approach was developed, focusing on the drysuit manufacturers and their needs. Several business milestones have been reached since the new organisation was initiated and the company is looking at a bright future ahead!