Quick Neck

Technical specification

  • Flexible, versatile and comfortable!
  • Ables the diver to change seals at the dive site
  • Ables the use of either silicone or latex seals
  • Prevents costly and time consuming repairs
  • Make drysuits versatile in terms of user/sizes


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Modular Solutions

It´s flexible, versatile and comfortable! It will keep your drysuit operational at all times! No more costly or time consuming repairs! It is the  most effective solution in the market when it comes to sealing the neck area of protective suits. It is called Quick Neck and its developed to provide optimized operational values for the end-user. The Quick Neck is designed to be attached on diving drysuits, amphibious drysuits, rescue suits, watersports garments and more.

The flexibility of the Quick Neck is superior in comparasion to the Neck Tite, which makes it more suited for drysuits with thin fabric designs. The benefits in comfort are obvious and the movement pattern of the user is not harmed.

A torn neck seal can cost you the dive of your life. The Quick Neck is a modular seal/quick change system that will prevent things like that to happen. The Quick Neck system is revolutionary in simplicity, comfort and function. It ables the user to change a torn or broken seal within minutes by the use of one single tool. The Quick Neck system will save frustration, time and money.

Dive centers installing Quick Neck in their rental drysuits can provide one single suit to be used with different neck seal options/sizes.

Quick Neck can be factory fitted or installed the next time your neck seal needs replacement.

The Quick Neck set includes: Neck Seal (black Silicone or Latex), Neck Ring, Lock Ring and Combi tool.


Item no: 60190

  • Silicone seal, black, standard size

Item no: 60190-S

  • Silicone seal, black, S size

Item no: 60191-S

  • Latex seal, S size

Item no: 60191-M

  • Latex seal, M size

Item no: 60191-L

  • Latex seal, L size